Green exercise is the combination of moving your body and enjoying the outdoors. Did you know that doing your workout routine outside can improve mood and reduce depression? It’s true! It can provide a mental health boost that indoor gyms can’t. It has been shown to reduce anger, depression, and improve mood. Exposure to sunlight has the ability to enhance mood.

Not only that, but outdoor fitness can enhance your self-esteem. Research has shown that just as little as five minutes of activities outdoors can improve one’s self-esteem. It’s also a low-cost solution for those who are dedicated to their workouts. There are tons of free spaces for trainers and individuals to take advantage of. Not to mention, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on fancy gym equipment.

You can also easily access areas for working out with minimal effort. There are trails, inclined roads, benches, trees and more that you can take advantage of without batting an eye. They are literally everywhere! If you’re unsure of where to go, check out your local parks and recreation website for guidance.

One of the biggest advantages of outdoor fitness is that you are one with mother nature. Doing your routine outside can help you feel more connected to your environment and yourself. It’s great for allowing yourself to feel grounded.a

The Refreshing Benefits of Outdoor Fitness

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